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How it works

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On-Demand Towing

Towing and transportation on your schedule.

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Request or Receive a Tow Fast!

Get connected to a customer or provider in real time.

Step 3

Complete Transparency

See your driver's / customer's location and never wonder again about arrival time.

Step 4

In-App Transaction

Cashless, easy, clean. No negotiation or haggling.

Step 5

Increase Efficiency Today!

Increase revenue for drivers. Increase customer service. Utilize your truck more efficiently.

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Sprokit is an on-demand service application that connects businesses to our trusted service providers. Our service provides transparency from the time a service is requested, to the time the service is completed and paid. ​

Our company mission is to streamline the transportation industry by providing our service to businesses needing vehicles moved, to tow providers ready to move them. ​

Stop guessing where your tow tuck is or how long a truck will be before picking up your vehicle. Our technology provides transparency throughout the process by displaying to you what trucks are in the area and how long it will take to get to you. ​

​ For our trusted service providers, it's easy... when they want to earn some Sprokit money, turn on our application and you will automatically be put into rotation for the next service. ​​

​ Payment is fast, safe and secure. All of our payments are in-app and are non-cash based. Fees are straightforward and are not negotiated job to job. ​​

​ Sprokit is starting its services in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and quickly expanding outwards. ​

​ Have complete visibility throughout the service with Sprokit!

Why Sprokit?


  • On-demand transport
  • Reduce overhead
  • Easy to schedule
  • Free up lot space
  • Customer focused


  • Fast pickup
  • Easy to schedule
  • Donor retention
  • Complete transparency
  • Pickups in hours

Tow Operator

  • Increase revenue
  • Fast payments
  • Reduce deadhead
  • Increase truck utilization
  • No collections
  • Work on your schedule
  • Vehicle tracking


  • Customer retention
  • Reduce cost
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Easy to schedule
  • Faster claim resolution


  • Free up lot space
  • Track transportation
  • Customer focused
  • On-demand transport
  • Fast scheduling

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